Strong experience gives more confidence. Nothing is too big or small for us. Over the years we have provided solutions from the single-use programs to the large-scale trading systems. We offer services both in project form and on hourly basis.



Customized Software Solutions

Do you need an information system that does not yet exist, or is your old system lacking features?

Please contact us. We make a software solution that serves your needs. Read more...


Integration solutions

Old systems might be better to left-as they are. There are many reasons for that the product support has ended, the technology has become obsolete, etc., but when the system has been in use for many years and the new development would not be sensible cost-wise. In this case integration solution is a good option.

A new information system requirements specification

Continuously evolving business processes create needs for new information systems in order to save time and money more vigorously.

Supplier selection

You can use us to find the best supplier for you. We seek those suppliers through various sources and analyze their strengths and weaknesses if it is required. We can help with the selection criteria validation or even define them. We can provide you quotation if it is needed. All this is done impartially and using customer set requirements.

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